31 Aug, 2023

Welcoming our new INSPECTO DQI inspector and partner in Italy Paolo Scolari

Paolo Scolari | Technical Quality Consultant, Quality Director & Industrial Inspector | More than 15 years experience in the Power Generation and Oil & Gas field, pressure equipment, and whole plant, from the design until final delivery and installation stage as Quality Manager | Using INSPECTO DQI|

Interview Question: How did you get started using an INSPECTO DQI Software?

Answer: After starting my professional activity, I have realized that I need to find a solution that would allow me to optimize my time management, as well as my hourly #costs while carrying out my activities. Nowadays, the only way to be on the wave of innovations and technologies is to go for #digitalsolutions . So, I have started checking online for #software, smart, and quick to use, which could help me to manage my #inspections, especially #reports, the #followup of the project, and #management of the results of each activity, i.e. open points such as #nonconformities. I found INSPECTO DQI solution via LinkedIn and #scheduled a #demo.