By transforming the quality function, you transform the way you work


Energy, Chemical, Mechanics, Oil, Agriculture, Pharma, Construction, Nuclear INSPECTO DQI adapts to your industry.

By integrating our software into your infrastructure, you can digitalize your quality control, inspection, audit and activity monitoring processes, in a collaborative way with your customers, suppliers and third parties.

Quality management and monitoring can be carried out both locally and remotely.

INSPECTO DQI organizes, classifies and records all the information you need to make it easier for you to :

  • Contractual documentation
  • Regulatory documentation
  • Inspection reports, photos/videos, non-conformities and past records

Traceability & Security

Blockchain technology and a unique electronic signature system guarantee maximum security and tracking of all activities carried out internally and externally.

Statistics & KPI’s

Machine learning can be used to extract analyses, statistics and performance indicators for the implementation of continuous improvement processes.

Corrective & preventive actions

The identification of non-conformities and the formulation of targeted corrective actions guarantee the implementation of long-term preventive strategies.

Digitization & Supply Chain

Supply chain quality management integrated into your organization aligns your suppliers, customers and inspection companies with a common, streamlined operational approach.