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An inspector wastes 80% of his time travelling and writing documents.

Thanks to INSPECTO, carry out your factory inspections, monitor your production in your workshops or outside, audit your suppliers anywhere in the world, in a simple, shared and economical way.

5 major advantages of integrating INSPECTO

1. Increase your industrial performance and reduce your costs

With INSPECTO, know in real time the status of your projects and increase your operational performance. An intuitive dashboard allows you to monitor all activities, to know at any time the progress of manufacturing, to carry out an inspection with the teams on site, to follow the resolutions of non-conformities, etc…
It is an essential tool in the quality control chain, allowing you to make significant savings, while ensuring better control of activities carried out internally or externally by your subcontractors.
Secure, reliable and intuitive, INSPECTO digitalizes your quality control activities with ease.

2. Take advantage of machine learning

INSPECTO enables you to make better use of the data collected. The analysis with our specific algorithm allows to make statistics, to predict deviations, to anticipate non-conformities and to facilitate the understanding of the inspection results.
A vital source of information to feed your continuous improvement processes and optimise your workflows.

3. Create your intervention reports and quality documents

INSPECTO generates and files documents automatically during inspections, leaving nothing to chance.

At any time, you can start writing an intervention report. No more time wasted searching for information in emails or scattered files.
This allows you to inform stakeholders of the project’s progress, invoice your client without delay, quickly submit documents to the relevant authorities, etc.

4. Reduce your physical inspections and CO2 emissions by 50%.

With INSPECTO, you can reduce your travel by 50 to 70%. Studies carried out by analysing data from several companies in the field of mechanical engineering and energy show that the use of INSPECTO allows 50-70% of traditional, remote inspections to be carried out.

Avoid non-strategic, costly and time-consuming travel. Increase your efficiency and availability. Focus on high value-added activities. For better monitoring, you can use INSPECTO at any time during your activities, and even carry out additional unplanned inspections, without having to travel.

5. Move to the digital world.

INSPECTO digitises quality processes and brings you into Industry 4.0
A “timeline” function records all data, documents, photos and videos. This information is stored securely and only accessible to authorised persons. The system also makes it possible to monitor several activities at the same time, both on the customer side and on the factory side.

INSPECTO simplifies quality monitoring, inspections and audits; you reduce costs and increase efficiency and performance.

INSPECTO - revolution in the industry

In the energy, petroleum, mechanical and transport industries, inspection and quality control are recurrent activities, essential to meet standards and customer requirements.

Whether in the supply chain, production, installation, commissioning or maintenance, this step is essential.

However, as the world moves towards digitalisation, many manufacturers find themselves stuck with an outdated, time-consuming and unproductive process. This problem can be extremely difficult for the company to overcome and can result in lost time and additional costs.

INSPECTO, the specialist in the digitalisation of industrial processes, offers an innovative software, allowing companies from all industrial sectors to carry out their inspections, quality control and audits remotely, reducing their travel, their CO2 emissions and their costs, while increasing their performance.

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