Pharmaceutical Sector

Real-time CAPA management
  • Rapid CAPA (Corrective Actions Preventive Actions) management to ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Automatic alerts for immediate intervention and improved quality monitoring of suppliers.
Full traceability
  • Comprehensive monitoring of every stage in the supply chain, from raw materials to production.
  • Documentation and verification of every corrective and preventive action to facilitate audits.
Automated Reporting and Analysis
  • Production of reports in compliance with the requirements of regulators such as the FDA and EMA.
  • Data analysis to identify supplier trends and problems, and improve quality processes.
Easy integration
  • Integration with existing quality management systems (ERP, LIMS) for seamless digitalization.
  • Data centralization and accessibility thanks to interoperability with other systems.
Intuitive interface
  • User-friendly interface for rapid adoption by teams, reducing the need for training.
Improving Regulatory Compliance
  • Real-time CAPA management ensures strict compliance with international regulations.
Efficiency and Cost Reduction
  • Automating quality processes reduces the time and resources needed to manage controls and audits.
Optimizing supplier relations
  • Detailed reporting and data analysis improve supplier processes and guarantee better raw material quality.
Continuous Process Improvement
    • Identifying and correcting inefficiencies in quality and supplier management processes ensures continuous improvement and increased reliability of operations.