Digitalizing your performance

Inspecto DQI manages inspections and quality processes between the various parties involved in a project.

Our expertise offers you solutions tailored to your business.

ERP solution providers

  • Easy integration with all ERP solutions
  • Advanced features for monitoring, managing and improving quality processes
  • Modules included :
    1. Digitizing quality control
    2. On-site or remote inspections
    3. Document management
    4. Non-conformity management
    5. Internal and external audits
    6. Supplier management
    7. Performance analysis
  • Offers significant added value by improving business efficiency and quality
  • Strengthen customer relations by offering a more complete and competitive product

Freelance inspectors

An indispensable tool for independent inspectors

  • Complete digitization of processes, eliminating the use of paper
  • Real-time sharing of inspection results with customers
  • Automatic report generation
  • Project tracking from any device via web browser or mobile application
  • Conflict management with advanced features to optimize workflows


An advanced tool for customers

  • Integrated collaboration with suppliers via shared workspaces
  • Management of quality control plans, inspections, notifications and non-conformities
  • Real-time sharing of documentation and creation of simple reports and files
  • Supplier performance monitoring with automatic non-conformance reporting
  • Supplier qualification and renewal management
  • On-time project management with on-site and remote quality controls and inspections

Inspection companies

The advanced business tool for inspection companies

  • Enables inspectors to operate in the field or remotely with digital tools
  • Manages control, inspection and audit processes
  • Facilitates collaboration with customers for certification, consulting and training practices
  • Supports processes required by ISO standards and product guidelines
  • Simplify certification with customizable collaboration templates


The solution for enterprise software integrators

  • Designed to integrate existing software solutions
  • Advanced tools for :
    1. Digitizing quality control processes
    2. On-site or remote inspections
    3. Document and non-conformance management
    4. Internal and external audits
    5. Supplier management
    6. Performance analysis
  • Adds significant value by offering a complete and competitive package
  • Helps companies achieve higher levels of efficiency and quality

Consulting firms

  • Support for digitization, process optimization and activity scheduling
  • Quality management covering all phases:
    • Control, inspections, audits, ISO certification, activity monitoring
  • Easy integration with existing systems such as ERP or portals
  • Move companies agilely and non-invasively towards Industry 5.0
  • Significant improvement in quality management processes

Constructors / Manufacturers

  • Solve problems related to traditional tools for managing control reports, inspections, audits and notifications
  • Go paperless with simple, efficient management of quality activities
  • Digitization and digital signature of reports
  • Easy management of summonses, reminders and real-time sharing of information and documents
  • Immediate analysis of the causes of non-conformities with predictive and preventive reports
  • Collaborative digital management of quality control plans with personalized access for customers, inspectors and suppliers
  • Real-time collaboration with suppliers and one-click generation of final files

Cost reduction

Enhanced performance

Reduction in CO² emissions

Increased safety

Adaptability to existing systems

Digitization, centralization, traceability

Non-conformity management

Generate and distribute reports immediately

Inspections shared in real time

Real-time monitoring of control plan progress

Progress monitoring of project activities

Multiple audits

Artificial Intelligence Module & Machine learning

PDCA follow-up and implementation