How much time and money will I save?
  • You’ll save many hours throughout the process, including inspections, data collection, processing and circulation of information between your departments, and report writing. These hours translate directly into euros, with efficiency gains of at least 30% over the entire quality cycle. This represents substantial savings. For example, a company with a three-person quality department can save at least €30,000 a year. Savings increase with company size.
Is it complicated to set up?
  • No, it’s very simple. The software can be installed on your in-house servers or on the AWS Cloud. A few hours’ training is all it takes to master the tool, with sessions available on site or online. Tutorial videos are also available online.
Can we interface Inspecto DQI with our existing tools?
  • Yes, it’s extremely simple. The software features API connectors that enable existing tools to be integrated and information to flow seamlessly.
How much data can be stored?
  • There’s no storage limit, the volume is unlimited and very affordable in terms of cost.
Where are the data hosted?
  • By default, data is hosted on AWS, a server in Paris Ouest, renowned for its security. It is approved by French authorities, including those in the medical sector.
Can we install Inspecto DQI on our server?
  • Yes, we can install the software on your server to suit your needs.
Is it possible to give different rights to team members in each project?
  • Absolutely. You can define access, viewing and editing rights for each team member, and these rights can vary according to the activities being tracked.
How much does Inspecto DQI charge?
  • Prices start from €49 per month per user. With the time saved, the software pays for itself as soon as you start using it.