Chemical Sector

Real-time CAPA management
  • Rapid response to CAPA (Corrective Actions Preventive Actions) detected during audits and quality controls.
  • Automatic alerts for immediate action, reducing the risk of non-compliance.
Raw Materials Monitoring
  • Follow-up and control of each batch upon receipt, ensuring compliance with specifications.
  • Full traceability to quickly detect and correct any anomaly.
Manufacturing Process Monitoring
  • Real-time monitoring of every process step, ensuring compliance with quality and safety standards.
  • Continuous data analysis to optimize processes and prevent failures.
Supplier Audits
  • Comprehensive management and documentation of supplier audits for total transparency.
  • Automated audit reports to help evaluate and improve supplier performance.
Intuitive interface
  • User-friendly interface facilitates rapid adoption by teams, reducing the need for extensive training.


Automated Reporting and Analysis
  • Detailed reporting in line with regulatory requirements.
  • Data analysis to identify trends and continuously improve quality processes.
Efficiency and Cost Reduction
  • Automating quality processes reduces the time and resources needed to manage quality controls and supplier audits.
Easy integration
  • Integration with existing quality management systems (ERP, MES) for a smooth transition to digitalization.
  • Interoperability to guarantee data centralization and accessibility.
Improving Regulatory Compliance
  • Proactive CAPA management ensures strict compliance with international regulations.
Process optimization
  • Detailed reporting and data analysis optimize manufacturing and supplier management processes, identifying and correcting inefficiencies for continuous improvement.